Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I got first Award... =)

[This first award is given by Miss Izah - a special thanks to her]

5 fakta menarik tentang pemberi "Award" ini
  • Si cantik molek
  • easy going & hepi go lucky
  • suka karaoke even pitching lari kesana sini... (ak & dila ske curi dgr dia nyanyi pastu kitorg gelak2 haha...kdg2 mimie pn join gelak sama)
  • ske bgn mndi pagi (wktu subuh2, no wonder she's got hot figure & smooth skin,lalala)
  • sgt disenangi oleh aku... =)

fakta tentang diri saya:
  • Sgt "menggilai shopping & melancong"...kdg2 melencong jgk
  • Sgt ske ape2 je psl korea (songs, drama, muvie, & pelakon2 & penyanyi2 kacak n cun...tp x se 'gila' mimie... =)
  • Ske tgok "Love Letter" ng mimie & gelak kuat2
  • Br pndai berkaroke (thanks to mimie...sbb ko...ak telah merasai cara plg best utk me'release' tension)
  • Sgt x suka bgn lambat & tido lmbt...tp tu yg selaloo terjadi
  • Nk cuba masak spagetti tp smpai skrg x lepas2 lg...
  • Sgt suka snap diri ak sendiri...haha...(gmbr ak cntik sgt smpai ayah ak pn x cam yg dlm gmbr tu ak rupa2nya)
  • Suka smile =)
  • Closed wif my mom
  • ermm.....ape lg ye...ske mkn...itu yg penting !!
=) Love & Peace

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I saw 2 dwarfs !!!

Hey readers, do u believe dat i saw 2 dwarfs at my previous home? This is how the story begins...it's happen when i was young...juz a small kid...at the evening when i was dig a hole at my house, suddenly i saw 2 dwarfs smile at me...i was shocked n called my parents...then when i look back at the hole...they're disappeared...weird but amazing huh?! hahahahah~

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Song of the day

Quietly closing my eyes, I see in front of me
What I once tried so hard to forget
Yours and mine, the song

Do you still remember
What we experienced together ?
Those happy times?
I can only wait
I can say nothing
Watching your tears flow
only can love
Compared with the pain of regretting you
This is easier
Can you come back to my side ?

I should have quietly let you go
As I stood at that place again
Looking at you walking slowly away
Silently crying
In such a cold season
Even if you return once more

Love diz song ! =)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Finally founda new look of my blog

Wake up at 12 noon & switch on my lappy...browse FB n feel nothing...i'm missing sumthin'...my soul? my Bf, or ....also browse my blog n look so crowded & childish...then i think dat it should be changed...fuhh~...actually took da half nite to edit diz blog...need to explore so much things & try n error...fortunately founda suitable template...finally diz is da result of my crowded mind...not bad huh??! today...decided not to spend my time chattin' at facebook coz i feel like doing sumthin' else...sumthin' new...sumthin' interesting...like wash my bag, my shoes or plates? huh?

I juz read mimie's blog...nmpk sedap btul spagetti yg dia msk tu...actually she's got talent in cooking...but she doesn't wanna show up
...huhu~ coz she's mimie! Me, will cook a spagetti one day.........hahaha

Ape nk wat ye today...sgt mls utk melakukan kebaikan...hahha~ my mind is only thinkin' about holiday at sumwhere...don't wanna go back to hometown...coz i've nothin' to do there...my niece had called juz now said dat she wants to come to KL...hahhaa...am i happy? Not really..... well forget bout dat! i need to...urmm~

Here's a list to do:~
  1. Basuh bag, shoes, kinda ....
  2. Submit CV to my dad
  3. Edit blog again....
  4. Bli topup
  5. hurmm......

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